Under the Stars, a thoughtfully curated luxury-holiday experience.

We offer you the chance to experience, the abundant life itself, through our curated holiday experiences, handcrafted villas, and privatised hospitality, at the luxurious ~ Estate Paathri ~, designed and executed by Earthitects, nestled in the pristine forests of Wayanad.

With the enlivening backdrop of rain wood and misty green foliage, soak in the pulse of nature, while you rekindle poignant moments with your loved ones in these nature-inspired abodes. The nights are an enigmatic treat at this hill-side estate.

An expansive outdoor deck adjoining the villa allows you a wild sense of the natural environs and the glory of a clear, star-studded canopy; coupled with the indulgences of a private bonfire and an exclusive barbeque with concierge assistance right under the starry sky.

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