A bath is a space of pristine solitude.
Bathing is a ritual of classical antiquity and a deeply rooted cultural habit; a sacred and personal form of regeneration. Hence, architecturally – designing a utilitarian bath is significantly as important as designing any other space in a home.

This abstract shot of the bath space at the Kanikonna Residence, Wayanad, draws your attention to the intricate mesh-work carved from Eucalyptus wood. The sparse wooden roof
allows to light up the bath area giving it a serene charm, and a sense of singleness with the open-air. The white walls beautifully contrast the wooden brown, adding an uplifting appeal to the space.

The Eucalyptus wood is an immensely sustainable and versatile material, not just for structuring but even as an element for design or décor aesthetics, especially for architectural endeavours that are fundamentally nature-inspired.

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