Comfort is understated. Comfort is real, raw; an indulgence in itself. We all need our corner, to sit down and defuse, perhaps in a niche, opening to the breath-taking vistas of the woodlands.

When we design furniture, each one is a unique carve and play of elements; there is a precise mood and design tenet impressed on each piece. The Hanging Snug Seater is a handcrafted collectible, that conveys the exquisiteness of nature’s resources and panache of artisanal woodwork.

The wood is carefully selected for its intricate grain and is left unfinished to accentuate a live edge. Produced with ingenuity, a solid block of wood is chiselled to form the base, connected by wooden spindles to serve as the backrest, while the entire unit is dispensed by well-made coir ropes.​This collectible, added to the bedroom suite at Estate Plavu (Wayanad), denotes rarity, novelty and native handcraft. Our ‘Handcrafted Collectibles’ build a timeless legacy, with every creation weathering agelessly.

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