Is a sensation as close as, to our own breath, our own beat. It all, truly depending on how attentive one is to nature; or rather, how one chooses to embrace it.

The elegant mountain bungalows in Wayanad, are designed to facilitate this very avenue to simply yet profoundly reattach with nature. From not too far away, the handcrafted bungalows appear as abodes freely suspended amidst the expansive foliage, much like being perched atop a tree.

Residents of these mountain bungalows, take utmost pride in having private and such close access to absolute raw wilderness, every day. While for those who are frequent on forest retreats, our mountain bungalows offer the surreal experience of the natural environs with the luxury, service and amenities of a holiday home.

Our choice of location and play of design aesthetics intend to be a transformative experience for anyone who holds space within these earthly, sophisticated creations.

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