Our passionate in-house craftsmen are ace carpenters, paying close attention to detail, always in the pursuit of refining their craft. Designed with the theme of raw elegance, warmth & functionality, these spaces are accessorised with pastoral furnishings, that one looks at headfirst.

The grand mirror, ornamented with a heavy eucalyptus pole carving, projects an earthy class. The mirror with the wash basin placed above the level of the counter, make a principal point of our design Thus, as a unit, appears thought-invoking.

Mirrors, when creatively used, can open up the space by reflecting natural light, making the hallway appear more expansive and brighter. The usage of a large mirror here reflects the convergence of different materials, its colours, and spatial aura – elevating the overall experience of the nook.

The woodwork (cabinetry, floor bed & ceiling) blends in to accentuate the interplay of stone (wash basin) & marble (counter top), against the white walls.

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