We believe that every tree with its unique personality and perfect imperfections, forms the most intimate connection with Nature.

Handcrafted from a singular hand-picked Bole, the Dining Table embodies the soul of the distinctive tree. With its graceful marks and unusual grains, the slab is unfinished to portray live edges, celebrating the life and spirit of the tree.

Revealing the inherent beauty of untouched wood, the Monolithic piece is paired with bespoke chairs showcasing meticulous craftsmanship and understated elegance. Carved with nature-inspired motifs, the seaters portray the perfected artistry of hand-woven cane with natural upholstery.

With a strive to preserve the forms and textures of the Earth, each timeless collectible is thoughtfully designed to live forever.

Uncovering Handcrafted Collectibles by Earthitects.

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