A secluded sanctuary within the larger habitat, the masterful bedroom is designed to restore the bond between humans and the natural environment. Elevated to preserve the ground ecosystem, this resuscitating space is set amid unbound wilderness, seamlessly connecting the indoors and outdoors.

Nourished by the abundance of endemic natural materials, the bedroom features extensive glass joinery with sliding doors opening into a stone-paved balcony. Crafted from trunks of robust wood, the live-edge wooden bed is an ode to signature Earthitects craftsmanship and portrays exacting attention to detail. Inspired by the cocoon of the bagworm moth, the Snug seater is suspended from the ceiling and lined with Eucalyptus poles.

Each Handcrafted Collectible is a rare sculpture, designed with innovation and art, drawing inspiration from the textures and forms of Nature.

Project: Estate Plavu, Master Bedroom
Private Residences, Wayanad

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