Design Concept – Indulge in a bathing experience amidst the greatest design to have ever existed – Nature.

Our latest creation, among our signature outdoor baths, is envisioned to reveal the freedom of taking a shower beneath the open sky. This indulging tropical shower helps one reconnect with nature with the luxury of staying indoors.

Set amidst a courtyard, the organic shower tray with stepping stones is surrounded by lush foliage and natural boulders.
The interplay of light and shadow is brought about by the Eucalyptus poles on the ceiling, with their natural oils and distinct texture. Made out of brass, the bathroom fixtures add an antique charm to the rustic stone wall.

Mounted on the counter, is a black granite wash basin elegantly chiseled from a natural rock. The wooden cabinetry below the counter is finished with hand-crafted wooden knobs that portray our close attention to detail.

Project: Stone Lodges, Wayanad.
An Earthitects Creation.

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