When surrounded by nature, the present moment takes on a remarkable quality. There is an unmissable release and collecting calm, that altogether uplifts you; it’s the elixir of being up-so-close with naturalness. The touch of the earth under bare feet, rustling leaves, chirpy birdsong, and pristine fresh air, least to say, profoundly foster a humbling perspective.

At a time when one is eager to detach from the raucous urban realities, our architectural creations attempt to elevate one’s connection with nature, allowing to appreciate and embrace the many boons of the natural world.

At Earthitects’ Private Residences, the ~ grand verandah ~ blends the use of exceptional natural materials crafted and sourced locally – unpolished stone, eucalyptus, and bamboo wood – while bringing all-around, dense and engaging forestry.

A well-crafted space with ‘natural living’ at its core, invites one to wholly retreat and rejuvenate, gathering rare moments in time, intimately attuned with mother nature.

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