Perfect Living Experience


Design Concept – To create the “Perfect Living Experience”

A hill-town home that would be in perfect harmony with the greatest design to ever exist – Nature. Designed to intertwine with the natural slope of the mountains, yet standing out for its sheer simplicity and understated elegance, Stone Lodges is inspired by the native design aesthetic and enriched by the natural cadence of the hills.

Enveloped by the grand natural contours and the sloping hillside, the architecture is perched on three distinct levels and opens its doors to the mystic woodlands. The first and second levels house the spacious residence while the third level comprises the Exterior Deck with an infinity pool surrounded by lily ponds. Each deck is designed in such a way that it has an endless, unobstructed view of the forest.

Staying true to our eco-friendly ethos, the villas are crafted with natural materials and are designed “around nature, rather than on it”, such that the existing flora and natural features such as boulders, play their part in enhancing this carefully designed living experience.

Project: Stone Lodges, Wayanad.
An Earthitects Creation.


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