Homes are a personal sanctuary that provide a sense of well-being and renewal. It is a space intended to be the most freeing for the human mind and body.

The very first form of human dwellings were made wholly with just materials borrowed from nature (stone, mud or wood) painstakingly built by hand, with a practical purpose and native creativity. This art of designing dwellings, over the centuries morphed into what we today call architecture.

What you see here is a composition of earthy elements that go into our structural outline. The rough wooden brackets and pergola are crafted from Eucalyptus poles, laid along a patterned stone walkway displaying a splendid play of shadow & light. Structurally, this is maintained as a grand natural canopy around all the residences.

A dual tactic of nominal lateral construction and thorough usage of natural materials for the façade serves the overall elevation of Estate Kanikonna with a marvelous camouflage of the forested hillside.

Every piece or design that you see at our residences is handcrafted in-house by our team of skilled and traditional carpenters and artisans. Our creations are unique to Earthitects and every piece conveys a maker’s story.

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