Reverse Urbanization or going back to nature is the future of living — a sensitive and sensible shift that will undeniably drive design trends. Architecture steered by nature re-establishes the revealing experience of connecting with both oneself and the environment. In today’s post-pandemic world, the demand for experiencing ‘life in abundance’ in non-urban habitats is metamorphosis in residence-design best explained.

‘Reverse urbanisation’ inspires the series of bespoke luxury villas designed by Earthitects based on the native hilly architecture of Wayanad, Kerala. Stone Lodges is a cluster of fifteen Private Residences spread along 13 acres of a forested hillside. Every aspect of the ultra-luxe villas sings in harmony with nature, from materiality to ecological impact. One such residence is called Estate Plavu.

Driven by the design of the native mountain lodges, Estate Plavu is built in synchrony with mountains on three distinct levels. With a built-up area of 7000 sq. ft.  Plavu is located on an individual forested plot almost an acre in size. Owing to the hilly context, the difference in contour levels needed innovative planning strategies to comprise a luxury villa’s functions. Hence, Estate Plavu’s three-level design individually houses its lodges: two housing lodges and an infinity pool deck. The topmost and middle levels encompass the spacious residence. The lowest level comprises the exterior terrace with an infinity pool surrounded by lily ponds. Each distinct lodge steps down by 6 metres from the previous one such that one sees above and beyond the pinnacle of the succeeding lodge’s roof.

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