Step into a world where warmth and nature converge, as the first rays of sunlight tenderly welcome you to the embrace of a Mountain Bungalow. Meticulously crafted, the entrance unveils a mesmerizing interplay of light and shadow, created by gracefully arranged eucalyptus poles. Standing beneath this natural canopy, you’ll feel as if you’ve stepped into the sanctuary of a majestic tree. These rustic poles not only lend a charming touch but also create a dance of patterns, adding to the inviting ambiance.

Making a way inside the bungalow the boundaries between the outdoors and indoors seamlessly dissolve. Embraced by complete nature, the transition is so seamless that it feels like the lush greenery continues within the walls of our dwelling.

The expansive verandah, nestled amid the surrounding nature, extends an invitation to take a moment to unwind, savoring the embrace of the wilderness around you. Large windows and open spaces invite nature to become an integral part of your living experience

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