Facilitating Life in its Abundance


Estate Plavu

Reverse Urbanization or going back to nature is the future of living — a sensitive and sensible shift that will undeniably drive design trends. Architecture steered by nature re-establishes the revealing experience of connecting with both oneself and the environment. In today’s post-pandemic world, the demand for experiencing ‘life in abundance’ in non-urban habitats is a metamorphosis in residence-design best explained.

‘Reverse urbanisation’ inspires the series of bespoke luxury villas designed by Earthitects based on the native hilly architecture of Wayanad, Kerala. Stone Lodges is a cluster of fifteen Private Residences spread along 13 acres of a forested hillside. Every aspect of the ultra-luxe villas sings in harmony with nature, from materiality to ecological impact. One such residence is called Estate Plavu.

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