Honouring the soul and spirit of the tree, the ‘Allure Armchair’ flaunts the untouched edges of hand-picked wood. Set against a hand-textured wall, the seater designed with understated tones of natural fabric is a significant part of the inglenook.

Alongside the armchair is the signature ‘Bole’ that functions as a side table and a floor lamp. Crafted from natural banana fiber, the lampshade emanates a subtle warm glow. Accenting the free-form grains of the hardwood floor, the bespoke jute rug is handwoven by traditional techniques.

Far more than just pieces of furniture, these Handcrafted Collectibles are timeless sculptures exhibiting exquisite craftsmanship and are emotionally resonant to every homeowner.

Discover Handcrafted Collectibles at Earthitects Private Residences.

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