Design Concept – Private Residences reimagined to experience the abounding fullness and joy of ‘’Natural Life’’.

‘‘Natural Life’’ for us at Earthitects is about re-establishing the revealing experience of connecting with both oneself and the natural environment – a relationship that has been severed by our modern, urban-centric lifestyles and changes in the way of life brought about by today’s work culture. There is now, more than ever, a need for balance and a longing for man to reconnect with nature. With our principle of “always delivering beyond expectations”, we at Earthitects are passionate about creating and constantly innovating a positive change in the way we live.

The advent of Ultra High speed Internet, the ability to now work from anywhere in the world and the abundant availability of conveniences for everyday living has led us to pioneer a new philosophy in “living”, that we call “Reverse Urbanisation”.
We reimagined the experience of everyday living by allying with Mother Earth in designing and creating dwellings that are in harmony with oneself and the natural environment, dwellings that facilitate ‘Natural Life’.

Our journey has culminated in every space envisioned and crafted, thus achieving the truest form of spaces and blending seamlessly with the greatest design to exist – Nature. Nestled amongst the enchanting hills of Wayanad, far beyond the misty mountains and the wilderness, lies an exquisite hideaway, that is designed to intertwine harmoniously with the natural landscape.

Drawing inspiration from the grammar of ‘Mountain Lodges’, Stone Lodges showcase a joyous interplay of Stone and Wood. Staying true to our values, each villa is crafted with natural materials that keep up with our eco-friendly ethos. Every bit is finely nuanced bespeaking a luxurious yet environmentally responsible aesthetic – A Collectible that ages graciously!

Project: Stone Lodges, Wayanad.
An Earthitects Creation

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