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Timeless Craft

Comfort is understated. Comfort is real, raw; an indulgence in itself. We all need our corner, to sit down and defuse, perhaps in a niche, opening to the breath-taking vistas of the woodlands. When we design furniture, each one is a unique carve and play of elements; there is a precise mood and design tenet...

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Rituals of Relaxation

Design Concept – Indulge in a bathing experience amidst the greatest design to have ever existed – Nature. Our latest creation, among our signature outdoor baths, is envisioned to reveal the freedom of taking a shower beneath the open sky. This indulging tropical shower helps one reconnect with nature with the luxury of staying indoors....

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Sylvan Dining Bliss

Design Philosophy – Experience harmony with Nature. Immersed in the euphony of Nature, the serene ‘Outdoor Dining’ is designed at the deck of one’s own home. The handcrafted dining chairs with intricate cane elevate the natural beauty of wood showcasing our attention to the smallest details. Ensconced amid the lush wilderness, the Infinity Pool Deck...

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An Earthly Abode

We, are all, a produce of nature; hence this architectural creation is based on the ethos of working ‘around’ nature rather than ‘on’ it. The Stone Lodges offers one the dream of ‘SECOND LIVING’, an abode that facilitates life (our mind, body & soul) in its fullest abundance by merging with nature and its elements....

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Celebrating Earthitects: The Newest Addition to the AD100 List!

Earthitects Among the Elite! In a world where architectural prowess meets artistic finesse, Earthitects has risen to prominence as a distinguished player in the fields of Architecture, Interior Design, Landscape Architecture, and Decoration. As we proudly announce Earthitects’ inclusion in the coveted AD 100 list, we delve into the remarkable journey that has brought them...

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