While adorning our homes, seldom do we deliberate on its longevity. When we invest in rustic essentials, little do we realise its value and robustness, for, in the beginning, we most likely secure them for the instant outer appeal.

All our spaces and creations undeniably display timeless lustre and rare luxury. The beauty of any nature-created material, wood, in this case, has its own ageing progression, which further layers the grandeur of the furniture or even the space it inhabits. Conditional to the carve and finish, it is remarkable how wood can be morphed to attain versatile styles and forms, with minimal exertion. Presenting to you the ‘Tranquillity Seater’, a classic in approach, contemporary in design, and handmade in-house.

Perched on the viewing deck at Estate Plavu, the seaters perfectly enhance the appeal of the space, compelling you to have a word, with nature.

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