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At Earthitects, we believe in facilitating “the abundant life” with the re-connection of humans, the built space, nature, and the Soul of the Earth. Unbound by limitations, the design language of our “Handcrafted Collectibles” is drawn from the free-flowing forms of nature and the materials and textures of the Earth.

Inspired by Nature’s habitats, “The Cocoon”, envisioned as a revolving loveseat is a living entity of the encompassing natural space. Handcrafted with an angled Eucalyptus pole framework, the architecture of this timeless piece draws parallels to the cocoon of the Bagworm moth.

Shaped by the natural geometry of the distinct tree, “The Meander Lounger” flows in harmony with the living space that overlooks the wilderness. Handbuilt with close attention to detail, the outsize lounger is designed with a sturdy wooden base and angled poles to aid comfort.

Unaltered to retain the purity of Nature, “The Bole” coffee table portrays our signature craftsmanship of preserving the harmonious shapes of the natural environment. Showcasing enlivened hues and wild free-form grains, the organic Bole bespeaks the distinctive story of the soul and spirit of the tree.

Discover Handcrafted Collectibles at Stone Lodges, Private Residences.
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